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Today, after the news, we spent the hour talking about productivity concepts and strategies.

This is a two part series. Next time we’re going to look at tools for helping us manage our productivity.

Here are the sites we looked at this time:

Covey Time Management Grid

11 Awesome Productivity Tips That Will Radically Improve Your Life | Inc.com

How to Pick the Best Productivity Method for Your Personality

What is Inbox Zero? – Definition from WhatIs.com


We’re going to cover these tools next week:




Toodledo : A productivity tool to manage your tasks, to-dos, notes, outlines and lists

gTasks – Tasks Manager for Google Tasks, GMail, Todo list & Reminders on the App Store

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  • Anton 2 years ago

    I enjoyed your video 🙂 You can consider another app. It is for time-tracking called adaptrm.

    • Sage 2 years ago

      Sure. I’ll take a look. 🙂


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