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Marketing Plan In A Box  Session 6 of 8 – Marketing Materials   Promotions Strategy   YouTubeHi all!

My name is Sage. I put together a lot of training courses on many different topics of digital marketing.

I recently finished up a 2 part series on local search. The first session discusses Google Local and general local search principles. The second session spends a lot of time looking at the Moz Local platform.

I’ve become a big fan of Moz Local. I believe it leaves the other distribution tools in the dust.

With that said, I thought I’d offer all of the Moz friends free access to this 2 part series. I normally am selling it for $19. But you can have it for free here.


There are two things to beware of:

  1. The first 10 minutes of each session of the video is called the Pre-show. It’s me rambling about anything I want. My sound was really sucking on the first session. So I was bitching about that. But just skip ahead the number of minutes I tell you first off.
  2. This adds you to my mailing list. But I almost never sell anything on it. It’s just me letting you know about other free shows I’m doing… namely The Tools Show. But that is just run through MailChimp. So you can automatically unsubscribe any time you’d like.

I hope you find it interesting.

See you around!


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