Using The Search Engines To Market Your Company For Free

If there is one thing we know, business is not the same any more.

What worked for years doesn’t work like it used to.

The good news is there are maybe more ways then ever to market your company creatively, effectively and cheaply.

In this class we are going to look at the top 5 ways to use the search engines to promote your business for free.

At the end of this 90 minute class you will have a clear plan of how to:

  • Use the local listings of Google to your benefit.
  • Figure out what your potential customers are searching on so you can show up when they search.
  • How to determine if what you are doing is working or not.
  • How to make your Web site a super efficient selling machine.

This class is run by Sage Lewis.

Sage travels the country speaking on a wide variety of Internet marketing topics to some of the largest companies and conferences anywhere.

Sage is a high energy speaker that is certain to entertain you and inform you.

Here are a couple testimonials from Sage’s events:


Hi Sage, Thanks so much for a terrific presentation. I really appreciate it. It was good working with you. You’re very informative — a great social media pro!

Looking forward to future opportunities together. All the best,

~Sunny Sunny K. Lurie, PhD. CEO, Fast Focus Careers Div of Advanced Performance, Inc.

Review From Career Energizer Seminar

Very entertaining and informative last night, as always. You’re one of the very few who manages to do both in about equal measure. That’s much harder to pull off than it seems.Have a great weekend.

– John Ettorre

This is a 90 minute event that will fly by. This is a huge topic. But you can be sure that Sage will give you the best, most useful information possible.

This is also a small venue event. No more than 10 people will be able to participate. He does this to assure that you are able to ask questions and get the best possible information for your needs.

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