Testimonials Part 2

These are some of the comments we have recently received on our training:

“I have been sending people to your awesome meet up almost every week I don’t know how many actually make it there. Thanks for everything Sage, my business would not be where it is now if it weren’t for your group’s and your wealth of knowledge.”

Alexander Khlystov Certified Home Inspector

Jim Kukral“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Sage Lewis rock the house on stage multiple times at many different events. If you’re looking for a speaker who knows how to engage and educate your audience about the in’s and out’s of online marketing and search, then Sage is your guy. I guarantee your audience will thank you for it.”

Jim Kukral
Author of Attention! This Book Will Make You Money

“Finally the overwhelming thought of  website optimization, search engine marketing, social media, mobile technology has been made absolutely simple”
~ Holly Hennenfent GM/Marketing, Munson Hybrids

March 2010 CSU SEO Class Comments

These are all the comments I got for the search engine optimization class I did at Cleveland State University in March 2010:

  • Sage Lewis is an excellent instructor. His energy and enthusiasm make the class interesting and informative. The course content is very relevant.
  • Sage is an awesome instructor and motivates you to want to take your knowledge to the next level.
  • I learned a lot. Sage really knows this stuff. However, I would focus more in detail of how SEO really works across all SE. I really enjoyed this class.
  • Sage is a intense dude. Kinda zany. Fun.
  • Instructor has real life experience not just academics.
  • Sage Lewis is a really great speaker who brings a lot of enthusiasm, knowledge and energy into the classroom.
  • Very informative – Sage is great!
  • Instructor was great!

Cleveland State Social Media Class

I (Sage) did a full day social media class at Cleveland State University recently.

A full day gives us a nice opportunity to address a lot of social media topics in a good way.

These are all the recorded comments I got back on my evaluation:

  • Very informative. I plan to use this knowledge in both business and personal aspects.
  • More classes like this with industry experts – more on web optimization – this class could be longer! & SEO copywriting, other topics…
  • More time for questions and discussion would have made it greater.
  • Sage Lewis is very knowledgeable and experienced in social media. He has an enthusiastic and effective method of presenting the material.

National Speakers Association Evaluation

I (Sage) just got the evaluations for the speaking engagment I did for the National Speakers Association in Columbus Ohio.

It was an all day conference. There were 2 speakers who spoke for about 2 hours each. I had a quick 30 minute spot.

I’ve pulled out the comments that had to do with my speaking. I didn’t remove any negative ones. Actually, many these are negative… in a way. Apparently, they wanted more Sage in their diet. 🙂

What was the best thing you got out of today?

  • The importance of Google analytics.
  • Find others who think like you on Linked In
  • Sage’s info about Google and local ‘claim it’
  • Claiming my site on Google
  • Steve and Sage were also extremely helpful.

What do you wish would have been included today?

  • More time and detail with Sage would be great. So much to cover with social media.
  • More from Sage Lewis!
  • I want more from Sage. He was great!
  • More time for Sage Lewis
  • More from Sage Lewis and social networking.
  • More time for Sage.
  • More time for Sage Lewis.

Other Comments: (Use back of page if needed)

  • Great meeting as always
  • Great, great day!
  • Thanks!
  • Excellent as always!
  • Good day.
  • Not enough time for Sage.
  • Need more time with Sage.
  • Sage – too short. Was this by design?
  • Sage was great. Wished for more!
  • Sage had great energy.

COSE Small Businesses Conference Workshop Evaluation

I (Sage) just got back the evaluations I got for a Cose Conference workshop I did on getting over your Social Media Fears.

  • Sage rocks!
  • The most engaging speaker at COSE!    100% A+ Awesome. Enthusiasm.
  • Wow! Great! Thanks!
  • Needed more time for this speaker!
  • I am a novice and could use an advice for my company and myself.
  • He should present at every opportunity for COSE.
  • Sage, you are very dynamic! I love it!
  • Sage was the best speaker I have heard at the conference.
  • Sage is enthusiastic about his work. Full of good info. He put passion into his topic. Time flew.
  • Great energy! Great info!
  • Engaging speaker with a great sense of humor to help with the info/presentation
  • Sage was enthusiastic about his subject. He was well informed.
  • I understand this better
  • Great passion
  • Great speaker, very engaging

Link Building Mastermind Testimonials

Here were a couple responses to a survey of the people who took that seminar when I asked the question:
If you were talking to a friend about this course, what would you tell them?

I would tell them to take it! The single day you spent with me on my website was worth the initial cost! Everything past that including the membership to the site is an awesome bonus! Thank you!!!

I’ve talked to many friends about you and your courses. I really enjoyed the class I took at CSU and told many people about it. As did I with the webinar. I don’t want to tell too too many people so they take your classes and end up knowing more than me 😉 Really, I mostly tell them how much I learned and what a nice guy you are.

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